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Measuring instruments we use constantly, this and all kinds of thermometers, pressure meters, electronic roulettes, not to mention the clock. No modern car can be imagined without complex measuring systems that output the values ​​of speed, fuel consumption, tire pressure and many other parameters to the dashboard. Some of these systems you can collect and test yourself!

With this kit you can measure the level of illumination, noise level, collect a voltmeter, a digital thermometer, a digital clock and many other schemes! In addition, this set will help in an accessible form to show how the binary system of numbers works, which usually causes certain difficulties for children.

To the designer is attached a color “User’s Guide” for assembling various projects. In addition, in the attached book you will find list and description of the constructor elements. For the convenience of assembling the details in the box on the last cover, you will find Location Scheme of elements.
All elements of this designer are compatible with other electronic designers of the ZNATOK™ series

Recommended age: from 5 years, but this set will be interesting and at an older age and even adults!

Absolute security and ease of assembly – do not solder!

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