Smart car

Price:  6 980  6 580 

Smart car

She’s really smart! The machine understands the human voice, listens to the radio command, turns on the headlights, emits sounds, recognizes obstacles and can even measure the distance to them … All this became possible thanks to the modern digital signal processor (DSP), which is the “brain” of the car.

There are three modes of machine control:

  • Radio control – the car is controlled by a remote control
  • Voice control – the car understands voice commands
  • Stand-alone mode – the car, depending on the presence of obstacles in its path, chooses the road itself.

To the designer is attached a color “User’s Guide” for assembling various projects. In addition, in the attached book you will find a list and description of the elements of the constructor. For the convenience of collecting items in the box on the last cover, you will see a layout of the items.
All elements of this designer are compatible with other electronic designers of the ZNATK ™ series

Recommended age: from 5 years.

Absolute security and ease of assembly – do not solder!

Many of the principles laid down in this machine are used in real cars!

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