Talking pen II generation 8GB

Price:  6 200 

Talking pen II generation 8GB

Very simple to use unique assistant, designed to effectively teach foreign languages ​​both children and adults.

It will also help to teach children reading and counting, telling a fairy tale for the night, introducing the child to the world around them. And, the pen sounds not only words, but pictures! To turn a pen into an amazing storyteller and a good teacher it is enough to touch, located on a book or a poster, here is a logo ►

In the memory of the pen (4 GB) books are already listed on the back of the box and in manual. Audio files of other books can be download for free at category «Books» or from info website, by connecting off pen using the supplied USB cable to your computer. If the memory is not enough, then the files can be transferred from the pen to the computer, and create there their library of audio files, if necessary by pumping them into the pen.

Of particular note are those included in the set audiostickers and their use.

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