«Day and Night»

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«Day and Night»

We present to your attention a two-sided sound mat “Day and night. 2 in 1”.
On one side of the mat you can play sounds that you can hear in the daytime, and on the other – those that sound at night.
On the «day» side, by pressing with hand or foot on the corresponding keys, children can reproduce 8 sounds symbolizing the airplane, rainbow, surf, birds, sun, steamship, rain and thunder.
On the «night» side, by pressing the corresponding keys, they can play 8 sounds symbolizing the meteor, fairy, frog, alarm clock, moon, insect, cicada and owl.

To save batteries, there is a “sleeping mode”.
Needs 2 batteries AA to work (not included).
Do not wash! Dirt should be removed with a damp cloth while the power is off.
For more information, please visit instructions.

The mat is easy to fold and convenient for carrying and storing. Children easily learn how to handle it. This mat will help children to get acquainted with the world around them during an exciting game.

Size of the mat: 95×81 cm
Packing size: 8x33x47 cm
Weight: 730 g.

Additional Information

Weight .73 kg
Dimensions 8 × 33 × 47 cm